Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is my forty ninth post (one more till fifty). The party will be a combination of 1,000+ views and fifty posts. I swear the party will be soon...  I finally have a date for the party... exactly one week after the Diary of a Wizard  Ravenwood ball/July second  thank you!


  1. I have been hearing bad things about him from a lot of friends. If he cant run the central site he shouldn't even be a fansite. Also, the same person commented on the Evil theurgist blog. Again, sorry about your post- I am also sorry he called you names. Which isn't right at all. Don't listen to him or her who is doing this.

  2. Thank you Edward that really means a lot to me

  3. Yikes, Aaron I don't think I can make it to that party. *sighs* also Bravenet is glitchy? Cause apparently I have 600 more views than you. I would consider switching to that gadget "Blog's Stats". It is the third one from the top. Hope this helps.-Thunderblade P.S. I also have been hearing about this incident. Go Evil Therugist!