Monday, February 18, 2013

Letters from Aedan/Go Go Stormzilla!

*Just received this Letter from Aedan addressed from the Subata Skyway*
Ahoy Aaron,
 I have started a quest fer th' saving 'o th' six 'Turtle Balls.' Th' first securely held by a master 'o Mooddhism. Th' Master agreed to give me his if I was able to take pillage gather th' other five. Th' next was held by the infamous Monkey King (Oddly no relation to th' King 'o Monquista). The self proclaimed King was imprisoned for abandoning his post in th' Southern Temple. Th' Dirty Rat! Oh no Offense to ye Ratbeard. (Note to self: Avoid making rat/mouse phrases while Sarah or Ratbeard be in th' room) He begged me to set him free, something I could only do wit' th' help 'o his ancient Magical staff. Th' staff was in th' possession 'o th' Legendary Dragon King, for good reason (picture attached). He was rather friendly. Long story Short I am th' prophesied Savior 'o a Mooshu Village 'n must defeat th' evil Stormzilla! Included be a few pictures Bonnie took during th' epic battle:
Just me and the Dragon King

Attempt #1
Attempt #2

3rd time's the Charm

Pre-battle face
Pre-battle Face

This is a Hatchling, Kind of cute, but deadly when multiplied
Aedan Morgan is not responsible for any Houses, Fountains, Temples, Taverns, Bowling alleys, Etc. destroyed in the process of saving your village from the Stormzilla. Nor will Aedan Morgan or any member of his crew or related f be obliged to pay for and damage, emotional or otherwise.

, Aedan Morgan

P.S. Good Luck with saving the whole Aztecan population from the Apocalypse!

P.P.S That sounded a lot less grim in my head.