Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ice Wyvern! (part 3)

Sorry I haven't posted this earlier but I was here:  (note: I own these pictures because I took them)
Library of Congress (Minerva/Athena mosaic)
       President Lincoln Statue at the Capital
I must say I loved DC I was lucky enough to get a tour of the  White House  (pictures not allowed sorry) but it is great. In Wizard101 news my Wyvern has... Spritely!
 More news: I have all but one of the known hybrids for the Ice Wyvern ...

 because of this my gold is only 99,694 instead of the 200,000 it was last week (time to farm Waterworks) while i was coming back from DC there was a party going on celebrating the Elementalists' airship I wish that I could have gone but I hear that it was a blast. If any of you  Elementalists are reading consider this feedback (host another one soon please)

Thank you Aaron Starheart

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