Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So I log on to my computer, open Firefox and then I see this:
I can't wait to explore the spiral from a ship. There is an analysis of these pictures on A Deadly Pirate's blog and I suggest you read them they can be helpful. In Wizard101 news a new pack is out the Knight's Lore  pack, the reason I'm interested in this pack is because it can give the Catalan, Deer Knight and Handsome Fomori spells. I've been gathering ingredients for the Catalan spell.

  The Catalan recipe calls for 6 catalan treasure cards (bazaar sniping has gotten me two), 50 Sun-Stones (I hope it becomes a gathered reagent soon), 12 Amber (It is hard to get through gardening and even harder to craft), 100 Perfect Amethysts (luckily buyable) 200 Ghost Fire (also buyable) 100 Water Lilies (Bazaar), 100 Bronze Gears (Bazaar) 50 Springs (Bazaar). I still need those Sun-Stones, Amber, and Treasure cards though.but watch me get it from the card pack or I'll end up getting the Deer Knight or Handsome Fomori.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ravenwood Ball

I guess that it is this time of year again (or a little later) I've spent the last few minutes reading through Diary Of a Wizard's Website's comments, and contests and the blog posts by Edward Lifegem, and Kelsey Fireheart. and sorry to cut this short but there is much more info on those links.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

afaOr if you just happen to be in France, Happy Early Bastille Day! If you are having your own fireworks make sure a older and more experienced Pirate or Wizard and follow the direction on the box (they are there for a reason) and that goes for you too, Senior Wizards.

  In Avalon's news (AKA Avalon part 2)

I wonder if I could have been a necromancer?
All the knights of the Silver Rose

Just throwing a Pomegranate
That explodes?
Lake shore

Kudzu *is* everywhere

 Have you read Friendly's 5 Questions post about Rain? no? Well go red it (Especially questions 1 and 2)... Now that you've read it don't you find it curious that KingsIsle was able to have an area with rain in Avalon but not in any of the previous worlds.
Not exactly Inviting

Hair flip

Savannah has helped me all the way through Avalon

OK so Morganthe was always evil

but that doesn't stop me from taking a picture by her

Finally I am a full Knight

Merle smells?

Maybe Morganthe will try to raise the Storm Titan?