Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pirate101, My birthday, Phoenix Hoard

Behold the new card pack... The Phoenix Hoard! This card pack includes some really cool items including rare two person Phoenix mount, the Gargoyle pet and a Flaming spear. I added pictures but since I'm typing this in my iPad no promises on where they show up or how large they'll be. Pirate101's release date is set to be early October, right after my Birthday; which actually is September 30 (I probably won't be on much Sunday) not October 1st, sorry about the confusion. I'm personally hoping for a present worthy of sea faring captain, specifically Boochbeard or his companion Gandry. My luck in that area is slim though, but if you the readers get one of the bundles tell me about it. I am always eager to hear your stories.

P.S. This is the third time that I have written this post the first time I didn't press "publish" and the second time my iPad died. Cheery right?

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Yikes so that's what happens when you don't go online for a while, Your blog reaches a major milestone; 10,000 views! Hmm, let's see if there is any news that you haven't heard yet. well the two new games (Grumpy Gobblers, and Way of the Ninja pig) are out. I wont post all the pictures I have of the Way of the Ninja Pig since I have 106 pictures of my pets falling. I think I took way too many pictures getting ready for a blog post. Here's the proof:

Argo someone disable my Print screen button whenever I play 'Way of the Ninja Pig'. I hope I'm not the only person who's done this before (share your story in the comments). So on a topic besides my overflowing hard-drive Pirate101 beta's NDA was lifted and the KingsIsle blog-o-sphere was flooded with pictures, strategy guides and speculations. In wizard101 blogging news Stars of the Spiral is now an Official Wizard101 fan site, Congrats Kelsey! I've re submitted to become a Pirate101 fan site and well let's see how it goes *crosses fingers*. The sandman pet is leaving the spiral so if you want it, Buy it!