Monday, May 28, 2012

Zafaria (illustrated version) (part 2)

 Where we left off:

just looks cool

Tse Tse with a spider mask? not at ALL like Tik Tik/Tom Tom/Tim Tim

I want one in my house

They eat berries apparently

Aww so cute

Don't get too close

like a dog?

These next few are part of my "Wooly Mammoth Marathon"

First Mammoth cast
Not too shabby
just looks cool
biggest hit so far

Polaris? Common stops?

even cuter up close/ possible header

I want that icon

Aaron the elephant

Like brothers

just looked cool

Pretty close

"The professor"

♫I told the witchdoctor ♫

All but one

Could have been new top mammoth hit but they guy blocked it
Wish I had a door like this
So there will be a part three of the Zafaria series but thats for another day

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zafaria, or Why do I keep building bridges?

I got a gift card a few days ago so this is 
My adventures through Zafaria (illustrated version):

I call this one "Zebras' know closet space"

Pretty good for a hut I could walk around in under 10 seconds.

Me freeing King Mansa

I repeat very small outside area.

I personally thought we should have been able to keep the staff

Possible Header
Tse Tse SnakeSkin's hut. Nice... Art direction (I guess)
I've died twice in Zafaria; this battle is one of them. The shot that killed me: Icezilla 585 damage...
Three to go
Where Aaron last left off; The Tomb of Kings
I could have sworn I took more pictures...
It seems like everywhere I go I have to gather wood and Build a bride so much that Grandmother raven noticed.
How are you guys, and how's Avalonand is anyone (like me) still in Zafaria?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Guess what?

I against all odds have fixed Wizard101!! Not like before where I could run it on the old computer but not on my laptop. ?Now I just need 18,645 crowns; to GameStop...

P.S. I had originally wrote a longer post (still short but longer than this) but I accidentally deleted  all of it. Eh; what can you do?

P.P.S. EDIT congratulations to the grandmaster of wizard101 Blogging, The Friendly Necromancer!