Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ice Wyvern+Krakon=?

Well the ? means an Ice Krakon!:

The stats seem good I just hope that I get "Spritely". My Ice Wyvern is now an adult; He now has "Pip-O-Plenty", "Health Gift", "Bananas!", and "Bummer". I really hope that "Spritely" is next on either of my pets. I have just finished waterworks and got:  Nothing! So far all that I want from waterworks now is: Mega snacks, my robe ,and my storm mastery amulet, but for now I'll have to wait.
Aaron Starheart

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ice Wyvern!!! (part two)

Hello all My Ice Wyvern hatched. her first talent was "pip-o-plenty" and her first derby skill is"Bananas!". Im hoping for "Spritely" next, then "Ice-blade", and finally "Ice giver" I'm still thinking about the derby skills. This is the link to the petnome page for the level 58 ice school pet; Ice Wyvern... Here she is:

 In other new I have now beat waterworks and have my: hat and boots (still waiting on my robe). I now have 199,949 gold (saving to hatch) I cant sell anything until I spend some money.

Aaron Starheart

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ice Wyvern!!!

Today I have bested Nilbog...  My ice wyvern will hatch at ten a.m. CST (more pictures then). I have to thank my ice minion for his help in this battle. He decreased Nilbog's health just below a Stormzilla's worth and I hit the final hit:
No omelets for you
Then it was just a quick run to the tree of weapons and There she is; Madame  Xena
Sorry for the short  post but I hope to bring you pictures of hatching soon

Waterworks was a success!

Waterworks post final battle
Yesterday at 6:45 (or 6:53) the heroic pyromancer and I were all waiting on everyone else to show up... They didn't so instead we had some of our friends help: Thomas Lionblood(not the friendly necromancer) and Joshua (never got a chance to friend). We then swam to each battle and nothing could hurt us... until the final battle with Sylvester Glowstorm I died three times but we pulled together for the final hit. Sylvester went down like a rock. I got my level 60 hat will try again for robe and boots. After that we went to The Sultan's  Palace... It is huge. We had a few practice PvP rounds in his house. my team lost but I haven't PvP in the longest time and they had the wrong gear and pet. I still need advice on Nilbog... this guy
So any advice... He has a Frost Goblin minion. If so please comment

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Header; Palace

As you can see I have put up a new header (I made this one in a power-point software). Also I have added a timer counting down to the Hour of Waterworks. Apparently most of Wizard101's "official" bloggers got a sneak peek of the new $39 gift card coming to Gamestop soon This card includes: The Sultan's Palace house, an additional castle space elixir, minigame kiosk housing item, magic carpet permanent mount, a charmer's mystical flute wand, The Sultan's Attire clothing set, the Snake in a Basket Pet, and One month Subscription or crowns. I did not get this so I cannot show you any pictures but I can lead you to many of the blogs on my blog roll who did get it and have pictures.
Aaron Starheart

P.S. I still need advice on Nilbog

Monday, May 23, 2011

Waterworks and other stuff

I officially have Cassy IceMancer, The Heroic Pyromancer, and Blaze Shadowhorn wanting to help me out with Waterworks so all we need to do is figure out a date and time (comment please). Also (this is to Cassy) I do not know how to render so if someone could help me out with these two pictures:

... and email it to me at aaronstarheart(at)yahoo(.com) minus the parenthesis and the at as @; it would be very much so appreciated thank you in advance. Also I saw this hybrid in the bazaar
Ice Wyvern and Life Forest Lord Hybrid with the Fire Phoenix above
 I believe that it is called the Forest Crawler. On that subject has anyone beaten the Ice boss, Nilbog, and if so could anyone please give me some advice since I cannot beat him; any help is greatly appreciated (I need it ).

Thank you, Aaron Starheart

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Out With The Old And In With The New

The poll is closed and the results are in...

Love It-----------------------
7 (70%)
1 (10%)
 0 (0%)
Like the other one better---
  2 (20%)
Hate It------------------------
  0 (0%)

But now I have found a picture that I like even better...

Now if you like this one better than the Grandmother Raven pleases comment below and say so; If you like the Grandmother Raven one better please comment as well. Unfortunately  this area was only accessible twice on the story line. In other news I still need two more people for the Waterworks any offers; also comment below.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It is that simple I am dome with Wintertusk. My friend, Seth LegendBlade ,and I finished Nastrolund and stopped the everwinter. Together we made sure Ymir would stay asleep for ever.
 This one I might make a new header
 Me as a raven...
 more raveness...
 "That's so Raven"....
 more raven shots...
 Last raven...
 Colossus hit (non- crit)
after Ymir is asleep
 Final hit
I know I have alot of pictures but it was fun...
Who wants to help me out with Waterworks soon? (Leave a comment)

                                                                                                 ,Aaron Starheart

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New header Idea

Hey everyone I thought that the header should be updated every once in awhile and i have a picture that I think would go great and I want your opinion on it...(I'll make it a poll for easier reading)

In other news the Mystery composer is...
Nick Jonas. He is now in the Grizzleheim "arena" (mini-game area) playing all the sounds of Wintertusk. So please vote.

Thank you Aaron Starheart

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wintertusk is going live

 Note: I originally typed this last night but blogger didn't work.

Straight from The wizard101 log-in screen

So as I type this the epic frozen world of Wintertusk will be available to the spiral. If there is anyone who still wants to try out the new things in the test realm I'm sorry but try it live. If you forgot what all is being updated try this link. I know I am behind on this but the music for Wintertusk was composed by "one of the hottest young music talents"(from the wizard 101 webpage). The hints so far (also from the same webpage) are
  1. "I’ve performed on Saturday Night Live and my initials are not J.B.!"
  2. "My natural hair color is brown."
  3. "My gender is Male."
  4. "My eyes are not blue."
  5. "I’ve been on the Tonight Show, the Late Show and Late Night."
  6. "Some of the songs I’m currently listening to on my iPod are ADELE – Set Fire To The Rain, Fleetwood Mac – As Long As You Follow and Elisa Doolittle - Rollerblades"
  7. "I’ve been nominated for several awards"
  8. "You may also know me from TV or the big screen."
  9. "I’ve done a voice in a video game before."
  10. "I have siblings."
  11. "I play several different types of instruments."
  12. "I have a major Broadway production on my resume."
  13. "My favorite sport is baseball."
  14. "Big influences to my music include Elvis Costello, Prince and Stevie Wonder."
 Aaron Starheart