Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Email conversation with Kingsile

For time saving purposes I skipped over the Account info and Patch Client emails.  Also to help differentiate the emails KingsIsle is in red while my emails are in Hex's Blue...

 Hi there,

If you receive this error message it is because the game client was unable to patch correctly. The root cause of this failure is caused by your Internet Service Provider "caching" the files which need to be updated. Caching of this nature allows Internet Service Providers to lower costs on bandwidth usage as files that are regularly used are hosted on the ISP network and do not require download from the Internet at large.

To resolve this issue you'll need to contact your ISP and get your issue escalated to a technician knowledgeable enough to have the cache cleared. You may want to ask your ISP can have files from our CND white listed ( so that regularly downloaded files from Wizard101 are either not cached, or their TTL (Time to Live) is reduced causing the cached file to expire faster.

Should you require any further assistance please let us know that you're experiencing the Solution 126 Error and need further assistance. Please provide your account name (no password please) the name of your ISP and a brief description of what you've tried with them to resolve the issue.

KingsIsle Support

After this email I took a break from trying to fix it since my ISP is *hard* to reach

 * I tried reinstalling Wizard101 one more time just for kicks and then it worked; then I logged out and tried again,but  I got error 115 instead. Please help...*

This does seem to be an issue. Lets start by trying this. Lets shut down any running programs that might be interfering with the game. Usually you can right click the icons on the bottom right and close them out. Close any of them that are not required to run your computer at this time. Then please try to run the game once again. If this still fails, could you please open your task manager and provide a screen shot of all the running processes so we can better determine what is causing this issue? You can open this by right clicking on your task bar on the bottom and selecting “Start Task Manager”. Then click on the “Processes” tab. Next sort the list by clicking on the column called “Image Name”. Now take a screen shot of this window (please note that it may be long so you will have to take more than one screen shot to get them all). We would also like to take a look at the patch logs for the game. You can find these located in a hidden folder on your computer. Here are the steps to un-hide them.

KingsIsle Support



Thank you for the documents. We are going to escalate your issue to our Senior Support staff. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

KingsIsle Support

PS: While you're in the waiting room, please peruse some fascinating reading material:

*Waiting for reply*

Based on the information that I have at this time, there is only one work around for the 115 error. This is un-installing, and re-installing the game. if this does not solve the issue, there is nothing else to try. The Development Team has been made aware of the issue, and we hope to see a resolution soon.

KingsIsle Support

 I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and error 115 occurred again, so I guess I'm stuck until some solution is made. P.S. may I quote your emails for my blog ( to tell my readers what transpired?

So now there is absolutely nothing I can do but wait and hope...
 Wish Me luck!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I wish; KingsIsle's tech support has been wonderful but they couldn't fix Wizard101 for me... If I get their okay I'll post the emails.. So until I either get a new computer --->Hahaha good one, Aaron!--- HEX! But you are right; the odds of that are slim to none. The other option is if KingsIsle's development team could find a solution to my problem... so until either of those happens I'll be on other games...

On a happier note I've been sucked (metaphorically speaking) into the world of Sims 2 for the time being (I now have all eight expansion packs and three stuff packs) Mod-The-Sims is a custom content website for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 which I visit daily now.  

 Also have any of you read "The Hunger Games" series? I finished them last year and I saw the move about a week ago.  

Hopefully see you in the spiral And may the odds be EVER in your favor