Thursday, June 30, 2011

Party reminder

The 3,000+ views and 30+ followers party is tomorrow at 5:00 central standard time you must find twelve gnomes (six inside six out), There is a bonus prize for whoever can find the crystal cluster first (no Talon you can't participate in the bonus but you can in everything else) The PvP will start after everything is found and the prize for all of this is (your choice) either 5 KI free games codes, or 45 treasure cards (I'm farming as I type this to have enough gold for this). In other news I am one of Homework in a Graveyard's sixteen Guardians.

I hope I see you at the party, Aaron StarHeart

Edit: If there is anyone who would be willing to contribute a prize to the winnings it would be greatly appreciated. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My expirence at the Ball...

All in all I congratulate Diary of a Wizard for pulling together such a big event. Sure there were a few spots that were a little iffy (This is a family game remember that). But I think that the best part was friending my idol ... The Friendly Necromancer. Friendly was one of the reasons I started blogging. Friendly if you are reading this know that if you ever need an epic legendary ice wizard I'm here... here are a few (OK a lot) pictures of the Ball:
Me and KBB (Kevin BattleBlood)
Fire Elf Flash mob with jumping ninja (pig)
Fire Elves jumping (1 of 2)

Fire elves jumping (2 of 2)

My twin (Talon) and I

The Badge is... Technomancer!
Talon's Phoenix really needs to stop growing wings on wizards
 Talon and I  tried to all Twenty scrolls at Blaze's party but we only found twelve before we were pulled into a PvP match and we weren't ready; I had wrong deck (I had farming one on) and neither of us had our gear right. So of course we lost... All in All it was a great party and I will be going next year.

Aaron StarHeart

P.S. My views/followers party has been moved to July 1st 5-6 central standard time... It will be a PvP/ scavenger hunt party (lists on what to find sooner).

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good luck

The Ravenwood ball doesn't start for another four hours and ten minutes but look at the place right now:

I wish good luck to you all
Aaron StarHeart

Edit: I will be showing up at 5:30 central time (Thank you Fin)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ravenwood Ball among other things

As the title states this is a reminder about the second annual Diary of a Wizard Ravenwood Ball. As you should know Talon Thunderblade and I are wearing the same outfits:

The badge is remaining hidden until the ball (June 25th 6:00-8:00 central time zone). Talon found out that the brave-net view counter was “glitchey” and he recommended that I switch over to Blogger’s view counter; I am glad I did (it gave me 2,000 more views)…  Do you legendary wizards remember this?

This is a very cool scene in this game. I was leveling my Balance alt, Alejandro StarHeart, through Krokotopia and I noticed this giant statue:
 Is seems like it would be the Krok king. I'm thinking that it is the king from the time of the Djesert's and Ahnic's family's friendship.
I do have death as a secondary on him so spider webs are his thing.

Aaron StarHeart

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

This post is dedicated to all the wizard101 dads or dads in general. For all of you are wizard101 playing dads; I'm sure that all of us are wondering who played Wizard101 first you or your children? Leave a comment below sorry for the short post.

Aaron StarHeart

P.S. I hope you ice wizards are going to do a Nastrlund run to see Ymir (ice's father) and that all of you fire wizards are going to Malistare to see fire's father (Dragon Titan)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The big 50

Pro this as my fiftieth post it shall be a correction on the last post (The latter portion of it)as it turned out I have not 1,000+ but 3,000+. Holy Malistare that's a lot. In hopes to make the party as convenient for all of you, my readers, I shall change the time and date as necessary.  Also I have added a poll to any you whenever time is ready and OK for you (I am hoping that a well known blogger ... AKA friendly... decides to show up to my humble get together for my humble blog at my humble house) sorry for the short fiftieth post

Aaron StarHeart


This is my forty ninth post (one more till fifty). The party will be a combination of 1,000+ views and fifty posts. I swear the party will be soon...  I finally have a date for the party... exactly one week after the Diary of a Wizard  Ravenwood ball/July second  thank you!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tied for third

I entered Malorn's (of Maniac Magic) dorm contest and as the title says I tied for third with Mark StormHunter of The Elementalists. This was my entry:

Go to Malorn's blog to vote on who's you like best... Sorry for such a short post.
Aaron StarHeart

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A wizard without a cello...

Earlier today (or yesterday depending on when you read this) Talon and I decided to do a Keningston Park run very soon into the run Mark of The Elementalist teleported in and helped for the rest of the run.Unfortunately  none of us got the rare Antique Cello or the Seraph pet. I hope you have better luck then we did. I must say that it was fun. Since Talon is the Heroic Pyromancer, I am the Epic Thaumaturge, since Mark was "sworn in" within the last twenty four hours he must have an adjective before his name like Talon and I have. If you have any suggestions go to his blog and place a comment there. Pictures of our run:

After I was able to see Mark's three epic houses:

Commence the drilling
The front

Lava/water fountain
Top of airship

Another angle

Without the globes and stuff

Angle from the top of airship

This might hurt
That didn't hurt so bad
Wow that reset fast

Not again...

Wow really

Mark NO!

too late

*cough cough*
(All of these bolder pictures were taken at his carnival.)

 I also entered Malorn GhostRider's dorm contest (Pictures within the next few days)

Aaron StarHeart

Monday, June 13, 2011

New House

I have decided what to do with my unused houses; with all the dragon furniture available at the bazaar I will make a dragon house. This will be at my gardening (large wizard city) house(Edit: it is now at my large DragonSpyre house).  So far I have the downstairs ready I have bought the blue dragon mount for 85,000 gold and that might eventually be put in that house. I have made a two-headed dragon skeleton, or two headed hydra skeleton. Talon ThunderBlade suggested ice and fire (sorry storm wizards) since we are ice and fire. Speaking of Talon we are wearing the same outfit to the Ravenwood Ball:
Our outfits at Talon's MFP

The only thing missing is the badge. I will not tell you the badge; I will leave it as a surprise for the ball. My MFP is in "construction mode"  since I am trying to make that house look presentable for the party (dates still in thought mode).
Aaron StarHeart

Friday, June 10, 2011

1,000 views (almost)

If you look at the sidebar and down (while I am typing this) you will see a brave-net view counter that reads 977 views. I am sure that  by the time this post will be published the views will go over 1,000; for this event I will host a dueling party at my MFP (it is not as decorated as Sam's house but it has some stuff).
My dear friend Talon ThunderBlade  has gifted me two Dragon's Hoard card packs. I luckily got the dragon's wing mount which I am giving to my balance alt Alejandro StarHeart (I was originally supposed to be a balance wizard but I chose sapphire as my favorite gem; I took the test again and I got balance- funny as I'm a Libra). To Talon: THANK YOU!(insert many exclamation points here)!!
Aaron Starheart

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


entering the crowns shop is a new card pack called the dragon hoard this card pack costs only  399 (wow that's low) crowns. This pack can include  a bone dragon mount, dragon pet, double handed blade, dragon rider gear and  more (more info here)... I LOVE this card pack (as Talon ThunderBlade probably knows) I love dragons and they love me. At the crowns shop there is a blue (favorite color) dragon (favorite animal) mount for 85,000 gold that may seem like a lot but I have double that already so I might have that soon... if anyone was to gift a certain Aaron StarHeart (level 60 ice wizard with all his waterworks gear) this pack I am so very sure that he won't mind. I am just kidding but if any of you have extra crowns and would like to do something generous send me a message at aaronstarheart(at)yahoo(dot)com (just kidding I don't need it)

thank you Aaron StarHeart

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Great House

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of seeing a great example of the floating bug. This house is the brain-child of Samantha SpellDreamer

Griffin and Griffin
The tree... so close
In the tree

more tree shots

A tried group picture
 Sam also had a great maze inside her house (I got lost plenty of times)
Part of Sam's maze

Tree in a maze

The Artist (middle; not me or Alexandra)

left side of maze

right side of maze

I must say that I am very glad that the floating bug exists since without that the rug-work outside this MFP (Massive Fantasy Palace) would be gone and tons of other floating techniques would be gone...

I saw another exceptional house yesterday; this one is owned by Zachary ShadowHunter

The outside looks like a forest representing all seasons and climates
More "forest

Below  his stairway
going up

and up...

and up

Top of his stairway to heaven (plus my new favorite housing item)

edited top of stairway to heaven
I can see forever here


more inside
These two houses are, in my opinion, epic I hope that Samantha and Zachary will let you see their houses in game since they are so mush cooler than pictures. I must thank Samantha for wanting to do waterworks yesterday for I got my robe!!!!(insert many exclamation points here)!!!! Yes finally; thank you Samantha

The happy waterworks gear wearing Aaron StarHeart