Sunday, November 3, 2013

What's up eh?

5 Months and 17 days without a post, that's what's up.
5 Months 17 days
171 days
4104 hours
246240 Minutes
14774402 Seconds

However, I do have a reason,
 First  I had nothing to say, my membership had run out and I didn't have any money to replace it yet. Then I became a whovian and got obsessed (Starting and finishing two seasons in three days). After that school started back up and it's been non stop work since. Then laptop troubles. And then I'm here on the latest post. First of all I thank all you, all 19 thousand views (even if 18,999 of me). And second, I'd like to say I'm sorry...
Here, have a .gif of 11

  Final thing is, I've missed this blog, you guys, the game. I think in the end that's what we're all here for, The game and the community. Well if you guys need this guy, I'll in Aquila

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